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4th International Workshop on Diagnostic and Interventional Prostate MRI
International Events
Cochin Hospital, Paris Descartes University, Paris, France
10 rue Mechain, Paris
Du jeudi 11 avril 2019
Au vendredi 12 avril 2019
Du 11/04/2019 Au 12/04/2019
(2 jours)
4th International Workshop on Diagnostic and Interventional Prostate MRI


Objectives of the workshop

The use of prostate MRI is expanding, as demonstrated by the growing evidence of its clinical utility. However, consistently assigning a reproducible PI-RADS score to visible lesions, evaluating local, regional and distant tumor extension and detecting tumor local recurrence after radical of focal treatment remain a difficult task in clinical practice.

Confirmatory diagnosis of PCa requires a targeted biopsy based on MRI findings. A targeted biopsy only policy is more and more often considered to increase the detection of significant Ca. In bore MRI guidance may thus be an attractive alternative to MRI-TRUS image fusion to guide the biopsy and the respective indications of TRUS or MRI guidance can be more precisely delineated.

Lastly, MRI can be used to guide in-bore focal treatments of selected tumors. Focal treatments are performed with a physical agent delivered under direct MRI guidance to perform a focal ablation, while preserving the rest of the prostate gland. The respective roles of in-bore cryotherapy, laser ablation or high intensity focused are under evaluation.

Attention has been paid to several specific features

The availability of workstations allowing for a true-life interpretation of numerous prostate cases. The cases will then be commented and discussed by the experts.

The correlation with the histology of whole mount radical prostatectomy specimens, an invaluable source of information on the MRI appearance of cancers difficult to detect and on the actual tumor burden which should be evaluated as precisely as possible to ensure the delineation of an appropriate target volume during focal therapy

An electronic voting system that will evaluate the learning curve throughout the workshop, ensuring a high interactivity and allowing for exchanges with experts. This is made possible by a number of participants limited to 40.

 At the end of the workshop, the participants will know:

  1. How to accurately use the PIRADS 2019 version v2.1
  2. Why prostate MRI before biopsy is recommended
  3. Why targeted biopsies only may become a standard of care
  4. Where to look for signs of tumor extra-prostatic extension
  5. What are the limitations of DWI to estimate tumor aggressiveness, especially in the transition zone
  6. How to evaluate node and bone staging of high risk prostate cancer
  7. How to detect local recurrence after radical treatment
  8. The different techniques and indications of in bore MRI-guided focal therapy.
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