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Whole body MRI in myeloma – how to do it
Rebecca Groves
University of Liverpool in London
33 Finsbury Square, London
Friday 15 February 2019
(1 day)
Whole body MRI in myeloma - how to do it


The NICE guidelines now specify that best practice for staging myeloma is whole body imaging. With this in mind, the BIR is running this interactive workshop for radiologists and radiographers to discuss and learn the principles of setting up whole body MRI and image interpretation. This workshop will teach delegates how to acquire the right scans for MRI in myeloma and how to present and interpret the images, via a mixture of interactive workstation-based sessions and short presentations.

Educational aims:

  • To address the need for radiologists to implement NICE best practice guidelines for imaging myeloma by whole body imaging
  • To give radiologists the skills to implement and interpret whole body MRI in their clinical practice

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